J.K. Army is one of the most famous online stores of Premium and Exclusive material for Airsoft and equipment in Hong Kong, offering a different variety of products for Airsoft, from AEGs, GBBs, upgrade parts and accessories.

The aim of the store is to create the best place for airsoft fans to find their favorite products.

Supporting itself in a massive marketing network with sellers and suppliers from different countries in the world, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and more, 

JK ARMY works with brands such as Flash Force Industries (FFI), POSEIDON, C&C TAC, JDG, JK UNIQUE, TRI, DYTAC etc.

In the shop.jkarmy.com online store, US dollars are the reference currency.

When shopping at the store you will earn points after each purchase and you will be rewarded with a discount when you reach different levels.

You can also visit the Prozi Shop in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, a local store that represents J.K. Army well, to take advantage of the store's latest offerings, campaigns and exclusive promotions.

To get to know all the news follow JK ARMY on Facebook and Instagram do not hesitate to contact them for information.

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