Founded in 2009, Firefield was created in the crucible of a major economic downturn, which made it difficult for the hard-working shooter to purchase the optics and accessories needed to continue their passion for shooting and hunting. Through extensive surveying and targeted observation, Firefield realized that many gun enthusiasts and beginning shooters were unsatisfied with buying over-priced products of poor quality. It became Firefield's goal to create the best value shooting sports accessories possible.


Responding to the growing interest in shooting sports, tactical training and competitive shooting, Firefield began forming a new legion of next-generation shooters.

A majority of Firefield users grew up watching action-packed movies, TV shows and playing interactive video games that encompass tactical gear and military-style weapons platforms. Our optics and shooting accessories allow shooters to turn what they've seen on the screen into a reality. Whether it's combat simulation,  or hunting game, Firefield offers everything needed to achieve VICTORY.



Train as you fight because you fight like you train. Push yourself - and when the grind starts to overwhelm you, find it within yourself to keep going. Each bump, each bruise, each drop of sweat is a stepping stone on the road to victory - and Victory Justifies Everything.

Firefield understands core users come from various cultural, education and economic backgrounds.

What these people have in common is the personal investment each makes to lift Firefield's  heritage to the next level.

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